Mallory M.
Playa del Rey, CA.

I was having intermittent terrible headaches on the left side for several weeks and difficulty concentrating at work as a result of the pain. The headaches seemed to travel up the left side of my neck into my head, and pulsate in the base of my skull and my forehead on the left side. ibuprofen didn't touch them. Nothing seemed to help. Finally, I had some free time to book a massage with Riddhi. I've been seeing her for massage therapy since early last year and have found her to be so knowledgeable in her field. She has been extremely helpful in analyzing and relieving my back pain, as well as giving me tips to help prevent it from occurring in the first place. When I brought up the excruciating headaches I had been experiencing, she asked me a few questions about them and got straight to work. She focused on various pressure points and muscles in and around my neck and head, and I left her feeling like a weight had been lifted off of me. It's been over 3 months since that visit, and I'm not exaggerating when I say those headaches NEVER came back. It was amazing. If I wasn't already, I am definitely a firm believer in the healing power of massage, and Riddhi is the best! She is so attentive and intuitive, and always answers all of the questions I have. I love that she thoroughly explains what I have been feeling and what may have caused that pain to occur, as well as ways to alleviate it without swallowing a bunch of pills everyday. My quality of life is definitely better when Riddhi has my back, literally. :) Thanks for everything you do!

With an abundance of patience and positivity, Ridhdhi, my instructor, helped me to realize my need for self care as essential to a good foundation for my well-being. Through lectures such as Nutrition and Proper Body Mechanics, Meditation while studying Massage, I can truly say these experiences absolutely changed my life for the best space that I occupy as a CMT and as a person now. 

" I have had the pleasure of encountering Riddhi Bhakta, a massage therapist whose ministrations have surpassed any massage treatment I have experienced in my travels on business and for pleasure in many parts of the world.  I have had massages in New York, London, Prague, Berlin, Moscow, Saigon and at many Spas, including cruise ships and find Riddhi’s abilities as a massage therapist far superior to any such treatments I have experienced. Her knowledge of the art of massage demonstrates familiarity with anatomy, musculature, and the various systems of the human body combine to provide the relief only offered by an expert therapist.  It is my understanding that she has also served as an instructor to student therapists. Accordingly I recommend her highly and without reservation as a highly skilled massage therapist.”

Tess Satsuma

Riddhi is an exceptional instructor and a human being. Her knowledge of human anatomy, Nutritional Science, Reiki and meditation makes her approach to massage holistic, relaxing, fun and always interesting! I now use meditation on a regular basis. I meditate before working on clients, but also for myself. Meditation has helped me grow into a better listener. I also feel less afraid of speaking up for myself and am more aware of others around me. You really can’t heal others unless you know how to take care of yourself. Riddhi opened my mind to a whole new level of perception and health, not to mention she is very centered and calm. Anyone who gets to work with her is truly lucky. I am so grateful! Thank You Riddhi!

Dr. Healthy Desai

I was suffering from radial tunnel syndrome on my dominant forearm due to repetitive motion and grip stress caused during surgeries . The pain hampered me from performing long and intensive surgeries. It also made it difficult for me to pursue my favorite part-time activity, i.e. playing cricket. Since it is a rare condition with very few conservative treatments, I was contemplating on going the surgical route but Riddhi insisted that I try a trying therapeutic massage first to help with the condition.

I was skeptical at first, however, I realized that I did not have anything to lose by giving it a try, since I was on the verge of having surgery, anyway. Riddhi gave me 5 massage sessions for the forearm and I was completely pain free in a month. I was impressed by her knowledge and application, and her dedication to helping me find a non-surgical option for a rare condition like radial tunnel syndrome.

Jessica Agtang

Riddhi is a great instructor/mentor. Over the span of 4 months I was able to grasp the concepts of the body and mind that I will use over a lifetime. Through Riddhi's teaching I have gained knowledge of proper nutrition, body mechanics and self-care techniques that will improve my well being. As an instructor, Riddhi was willing and open to feedback because she values the individual’s progress. Thanks to her guidance I have created healthy habits such as: packing home cooked meals, avoiding chips and soda, foam rolling and meditation. All of which help maintain balance in my life which contribute to my overall quality of living.

Esha D'souza

Riddhi has been a tremendous help to me in the last couple of months with my pregnancy nutritional needs.  I was gaining a lot of weight during my first trimester and  also had gestational diabetes so my OB/GYN had asked me to watch my diet. I was worried about my baby not getting proper nutrition so I was reluctant to simply cut down on foods. 


Riddhi helped me with my nutrition plan, portions, broke down calories and macro intake giving me a lot of options that were healthy and tasty.


I used to get midnight hunger pangs and she even suggested tactics and options to feed those cravings without feeling guilty. She created my plan based on my eating preferences and habits so did not even feel like I was on a special diet. 

She was very patient with me and explained all my concerns and questions in a very detailed manner. Under her guidance, my weight has been under control and my blood sugar levels have come back to the normal levels. My baby is growing healthy too! I am really happy that I found her through a common friend, and I will look forward to using her expertise again to help me get back to pre-pregnancy weight once my baby has come into this world. 

Jessica Symon

Riddhi’s healing Reiki sessions are like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. As someone who didn’t know much about Reiki to begin with, I had no expectations, but was willing to try anything to alleviate debilitating back pain that had consumed me for 8 long months.

Just one session with her and I was hooked. It was the ultimate “out of body experience” in all the very best ways. During the session, I felt a deep sense of relaxation, opening, awareness and actual physical sensation reminders of the energy that resides inside us all. It was absolutely mystifying yet comforting at the same time.


Immediately following the Reiki session I felt a sense of peace – but the pain persisted. Riddhi followed up with me that night wanting to know how I felt. When I explained the pain was still there, she said she would send more healing energy my way in the morning. I felt comforted, though slightly discouraged as I rubbed pain cream on my back as usual and went to bed. 5 hours later, in the middle of the night, I was gently woken with detox-like symptoms and then my whole body felt vastly different. I felt completely clear, light and free. The pain was gone. There is no doubt in my mind – this genuine, kind-hearted, caring soul is a legitimate healer. I was pain free for nearly a week straight – and for someone who had been living with chronic pain for so long, it was literally life changing. I’m still on the road to a full recovery but Riddhi has played a key role in my healing process (have been seeing her at least 2 x per month).

She’s as humble as she is generous – she will never be the type to persuade or convince, so don’t expect her to be shouting from the rooftops of her unique capabilities. She truly has a gift and wants to use it for good. You will be blessed beyond measure if you are able to spend time any time with Riddhi.

Joann Kweon 

I have never met anyone in my life like Riddhi. She has a soft, beautiful energy that is coupled with a teacher’s fierce determination. She was able transform me into a very successful Massage Therapist with a renewed mindful awareness. In massage, she taught me that my work involved much more than just the physical movements of my hands, she truly embraces holistic teaching. As I reflect back, Riddhi used meditation and massage to teach me about myself first so that I was equipped to help others.

Kelli Orlando

I live in Los Angeles where yoga and massage therapists are plentiful. While there are many therapists to choose from, very few Massage Therapists can be called healers. Riddhi is not only a great massage therapist but she’s also a healer, in that she works intuitively with her clients using a variety of modalities. So, while massages are Awesome and feel great there is also much more to her massage than meets the touch.


I look forward to my massage sessions with Riddhi. She understands the human body well and shares healthy tips with me. I am so relaxed afterwards and feel  renewed especially when we concentrate on areas she notices that need extra focus. We also focus on lymph node drainage and this technique has helped aid my body to detoxify.

Pareeta Bhakta

I went to Ridhdhi to learn Reiki. it wasn't at all what I expected. And to tell you the truth I did not know what to expect. I wasn't sure how I would be capable of learning the art of healing. I had my doubts. I learned a lot of details which I didn't expect to comprehend but somehow after the attunement everything just fell in place. The attunement was very relaxing and energizing. The instructor is very authentic, passionate and went through the whole process very patiently as she has confidence that Reiki works. In short period of time she opened me up to learn and understand the power of healing. I'm very grateful to Ridhdhi for giving me this opportunity and time to learn Reiki so that I can help others with their troubles. Thank you Ridhdhi for this wonderful gift.

Amanda McNutt

Riddhi is amazing. She helped me find grounding through meditation and her expertise in nutrition is phenomenal. Not to mention her massage is fantastic!

Nancy E Luna Motiva

I love Riddhi’s energy and work. I went for a nutritional guidance. It helped me to stay focus on nurturing my body choosing nurturing food and also I really like she’s very caring and concern about her clients. I would definitely keep her as one of my favorite holistic practitioner.

Recieved pregnancy massages with Ridhdhi and omg!!!! I've never been with someone that has listened to my body as well as she has, I felt like I was floating after every session. You won't regret going to Ridhdhi!

Gina Yetts

With an abundance of patience and positivity, Ridhdhi, my instructor, helped me to realize my need for self care as essential to a good foundation for my well-being. Through lectures such as Nutrition and Proper Body Mechanics, Meditation while studying Massage, I can truly say these experiences absolutely changed my life for the best space that I occupy as a CMT and as a person now.